Monday, 27 June 2016

Mobile Applications: Changing the Way Flights Take Off

Ever since WhatsApp was accepted worldwide as the most ideal and biggest medium of social and professional network, several entrepreneurs have come up with innovatively programmed packages, particularly in the aviation sector of African countries.
The UK-based global and analytical monitoring and rating agency, OAG had observed that despite the menace of Ebola disease, the business of air travel and air traffic in Africa has witnessed encouraging signs. 

On their part, the Flight Support Services Companies in Africa like the globally recognised Jet Xpress have risen to the occasion with the offering of an easy and intuitive mobile application, made by the pilots and for the pilots, in catering to the diverse requirements such as authentic and latest information on: 

  • Air Charter
  • Jet Fuel
  • Aircraft Handling Facilities
  • Assorted Services

Thus a pilot entering the skies over Africa for the first time and flying to a less-known destination can access to every bit of advisory and briefs like ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) or metars (hourly weather observations and other trends) at an airport and along the flight path including flight handling services in Africa by the mere touch of a button on the iPhone or iPad.

A notable supplementary feature of this exclusive transponder and Apps package conceived by Jet Xpress is the scope for the pilots’ feedback on the services offered by the various handlers on the ground. Currently, Mexico, USA and Canada are not included for this review although the package covers 4000 airports around the globe.

A pilot can download the Fuel Finder App for iphone and instantly register to avail the numerous flight support facilities. Both the free App and paid App almost function in the same manner but for the latter’s privilege to avail extra features like fuel quote, charter quote, handling quote as well as handler reviews. 

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